Day 3 ~ I feel happy and balanced

Yesterday I have a good day. Being positive really does feel good. Trying to stop negative thoughts when they happen really makes a big difference too. I couldn’t sleep after I was annoyed last night, so I was wide awake at 1am and started reading this book called Paving It Forward by Elisabeth Fayt. It’s really quite an interesting book, and a great way to start making being positive a real habit.

So I made myself a positive pre-pave before I fell back asleep, and made one for this morning to start my day (see title).

Here’s how pre-paving is defined on

“Everything you think about, you attract, so your thoughts have a tremendous impact on life as you experience it. Without a proven technique for staying positive, it can be easy to slip into a negative state of mind without realizing it. Even if you are generally positive by nature, life will throw curve balls. You need to be prepared. Paving it Forward will teach you just that, how to be prepared by pre-paving your future.

Pre-paving is a method of conscious creation. It is similar to the practice of affirmation but different in that it does not require repetition. A pre-pave is a statement of action or belief that you put forward to the Universe as a command. You mold your life by telling the Universe what you want. You will learn about the energy of thought so that you understand how your thoughts create. Without this important understanding of how, there can be little motivation to change. When the understanding hits you between the eyes, you will want to begin consciously pre-paving right away.”

So I started my day with a positive statement. I’m going to create a couple of habits…..things that don’t take very long per day such as journaling, and a quick blog post. maybe a 15 minute walk unless it’s a blizzard or raining. I hope to see some more positive changes soon!


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