New Beginnings

After a long, drawn out relationship that turned out to be nothing but lies, I feel like I am finally free to start a new beginning.

Spending a year and a half in a relationship with someone who pretends to want the same things as you is really devastating once you find out it was all false. I can’t even begin to understand why someone would want to lie to someone, and pretend to want a life with them for “the next 50 years”, as he always used to say to me. Why pretend and put me through lying, cheating, drugs and many let downs and broken promises if he didn’t mean what he said?

I don’t like being lied to. I don’t like being led on. It’s incredibly hurtful to be told by the person you love that they are going to move in with you, and we make all these great plans together for the future and BOOM. One day I catch him with drugs and the truth comes out.

I’m grateful to know the truth and to be able to make the choice to move on and not be treated that way. I don’t like being used and I feel sorry for the other people in my exes life, I wish I could warn them that they too are being lied to. I’m glad for the chance to move on and never be treated this way again. This has been an eye opening experience and finally I feel like I have learned the lesson the universe was pushing for me to learn. I wish it didn’t have to be learned in such a hard way.

Now to find some peace within myself and try to deal with this all and move on.


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