Today I am Happy ^_^

Today I am happy because I have been following my passion again. 14 years ago I started partner dancing. This is my passion in life. Back when I started I knew this was going to be my life. It will be in my life and will probably dominate my happiness forever. I willingly accept this with wholehearted pleasure and submission.  I went through a bad break-up back then and stopped dancing……..then I had a serious accident which has affected the past 5-7 years of my life and just couldn’t find my passion again. I didn’t really try to be honest.

2 months ago I started dancing again after someone sparked the interest in me. It was like the candle inside me went from a little flicker to a full on bonfire. Dancing again has ignited such happiness in me that I wonder why I ever stopped…….and I wished I hadn’t. There was about a decade where I didn’t really dance……….I wish I could change time but I can’t, so going forward, I am going to hold onto my passion tightly and let it lead me for the rest of my life.

The inspiration in this post is to find what makes you happy. Find what makes you most passionate in life and hold on to it. Let it bring you joy and peace, and let it make every day of your life complete BLISS……because it can. Last night I went dancing and had an amazing time…… of those unforgettably great nights. It was simply perfect. I danced with some amazing dancers and friends and loved every minute of it. I am on cloud 9 because I followed my passion and it filled my soul with the brightest light possible. Incredible.

Some people may like outdoor activities, or gardening, crochet or crafty projects, dancing, horseback riding, swimming etc………..whatever it may be, let it lead you into the happiest life possible, it is worth every step.

Have an amazing day!!!!!!

cha cha optimist


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