Simplfying Life

What a beautiful day.

Today I have the clarity to write down some goals on what I want my life to look like. I’m very excited to be sharing a new project with my mom. Our goal is to simplify life and live with what we need. No more impulse purchases, buying things that aren’t needed etc. I plan to downsize and sell some of the things that aren’t serving any purpose in my home, as these things take up space and create clutter. I want to have a simple, easy routine to follow which will make life a lot easier. I don’t like coming home to a lot of responsibility, different bank accounts and memberships to websites and stores…..this all creates mind clutter for me, and stresses me out.

I’m very excited to be sharing this project with my mom. It’s really great that we can connect and share the experience of improving and simplifying our lives.

On a side note, I have plans to re-do my blog, and simplify that also. I’m excited to get working on these things! After all, most people live a life where they would be happier if many changes were made. So, why not make those changes and live an amazing life? I’m determined and on a mission, life can be amazing all the time!


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