Improving Life – Week 2

What a great week! I love creating positive changes in my life. This week I bought my first vegan cheese. I tried Daiya cheddar and provolone style cheeses. The provolone was really good in a grilled cheese, and wow, does it ever melt a lot! The cheddar was good also, and I like the taste of it just out of the fridge, I haven’t tried melting this one yet.

Something I’m putting a lot of thought into is how other people treat me, and what I accept into my life. I, like most people, generally prefer to be respected, and treated well. I like to know that my efforts are appreciated at work, or if I do something nice for friends or family…….hey, even a perfect stranger. Sometimes it feels the best to do something nice for someone you don’t know, and they certainly don’t expect it. That is truly selfless. I’ve been paying close attention to how my friends treat me, and I realize that I’ve been unconsciously accepting being treated certain ways by certain people, and now I’m working on changing that so I can improve my quality of life and friendships. 🙂

I’m also trying to work on getting to sleep earlier, so I can get a full nights sleep. Often I sleep less than 7 hours and it really affects my productivity during the day. I’m trying to go to sleep early, and read in bed before falling asleep. I want all technology turned off so I have no distractions and nothing to make noise in the middle of the night. I even turn my internet off on my tablet which I use as an alarm clock. This is proving to be quite a nice change 🙂


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