Raising the Bar and Respecting Yourself

This is a big priority of mine right now. Too often I find myself doing what others want, and putting my own needs and desires second. I often ask myself why. Am I a people pleaser? I certainly try not to disappoint others. Sometimes I go out of my way to do nice things for the people I care about. I often will see friends and make time for them even if I know I have a priority task that needs to be done. I don’t like letting people down. This often leaves me feeling as though I’ve let myself down.

If you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect to get respect from others?

Set the bar and your standards high, and put yourself first. I am working on putting my own needs first now. If I have an important priority done, maybe it’s best to get it done instead of going out to a movie or dinner. After all, I’m only letting myself down and getting further behind when I put my priorities aside to do other things.

I want to be more successful in my life, and to achieve that I need to have a better balance among things in my life. I work a lot right now, so I don’t often have time for social interactions. I don’t have a lot of time for my personal tasks either actually. Mostly I work, eat, and sleep. Then back to work again. I respect myself enough to set my bar higher. I’m raising my standards in many ways. Included in this is raising my standards on how other people treating me. I want more from life, and I plan to get the best I can 🙂


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