Things I Love

Why am I writing about things I love? Because the things we love feed our souls with happiness and joy. They make our lives a lot better, and give us something to look forward to. A life without joy is not one I want to live. Here are some things that bring me joy:

Dancing & Music – I love dancing and good music. Partner dances such as latin, swing, country and ballroom bring me such joy. I love being able to master steps and follow a lead without knowing what move will come next. I love feeling the music and having it move my body and soul. It transforms me

Animals – I love animals!! These creatures are pure and innocent, and give us a glimpse of a different way of living. I love the unconditional love that my pets give me. They are a constant source of love and comfort and I love giving them a great life. We have a lot to learn from their true nature

Reading – Something I have loved my whole life is reading novels. I love to escape into a good story line, and to be taken away to another world for a few minutes or hours. Reading is a great chance to let everyday stresses go and relax 🙂

Pinterest – I love pinterest because it’s a place i can categorize and store my favorite pages for easy reading

Cotton Candy – I love cotton candy for the taste, texture, and lovely colors. I love the way I can peel it apart while it’s fluffy and then it melts in my mouth. Mmmm

Lavender – I love lavender. I love the smell, the beautiful purple colors it blooms in, and the way a bouquet looks in a nice vase. One of my most favorite flowers

Tropical Beaches – I love tropical beaches!!! I love sitting on the sand in the warm sun, listening to the waves caress the shore. I love seeing shells and pebbles on the shore, and watching the fish swim in crystal clear water. What an experience

Flowing water – I love the sound of flowing water, it is very soothing and calming! Water is a source of life, and constantly flowing and accepting change as it comes. It simply forms around everything that comes it’s way. We could learn a lot by embracing this kind of lifestyle

Walking in the forest – I love walking in a peaceful and quiet forest. I love to see the wild animals existing in nature, and listening to the rivers and streams flowing. Being in Nature is being close to one of the most pure things that still exists, it’s a beautiful experience we are blessed to have

Cooking – I love cooking and creating meals. It’s soothing and satisfying to create my own meal from scratch, rather than cook something from a box or can that most likely has a lot of preservatives. I love knowing what goes into my food, and where it comes from. I strive to eat well and am working towards a vegan diet which will benefit not only me, but animals and the earth as well.

Cleaning – I love cleaning my house. Living in a clean, minimalist home is a beautiful thing. I want to live only with what I need, and this will make it much easier to look after my home. Cleaning is soothing, and it’s very satisfying to make my home look nicer. I strive to keep it clean all the time. It’s better for my health too 🙂

Being Alive –  I saved the best for last. 🙂 Every day I wake up I am grateful to be alive. What a blessing!

What things bring you joy and happiness? 

I would love to hear about the things you love 🙂


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