Improving Life – week 3

This week has flown by so fast!!! I have been extremely busy at work, so I feel like I have barely had any personal time to focus on myself. I was able to get a few relaxing baths in before going to bed, which helps me sleep better. I also have started reading a new novel, and I reconnected with friends I haven’t seen for a month. I’m really enjoying posting positive things and turning my life around.

Not eating meat has been a wonderful change for me. I have done some research on the way animals are treated and their living conditions……..I just cannot support buying animal products from the grocery store any more. Working on becoming vegan has become a passion that I happily embrace because I support a better way of living for humans, and animals. I can’t support animal abuse in any way, and they way animals are raised (in a lot of mainstream food production farms) sickens me. It’s horrifying and inhumane, and I will not support it. Cutting animal products out of my diet is my first step in supporting that animals get treated better. Even animals raised for food deserve to have good living conditions. After all, we are what we eat right? Eating animals that have grown in over-cramped, feces and disease infested conditions, who never get to go outside, is not something I want to nourish my body with. Eating a whole food, natural, vegan diet is much more appealing. Kudos to the farms who actually raise their animals outside, in natural living conditions  – these animals are lucky.


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