Going Vegan – why do people judge?

I am going through what I think is a fabulous transition to become Vegan. Why? Because I support a better way of life for animals, and humans. There are many reasons why I think this is beneficial for me, and most importantly – I am trying to lead a better life.

So why is it, that people want to judge me so often for trying to be better? Is it because I don’t support animal cruelty? because I don’t want to eat chemical and hormone filled products? Or perhaps it’s because I just want to eat healthier?

I find it really odd that so many people are so judgmental about this. Really, I am just trying to live a better life. I will continue on my mission despite the colorful opinion of others, because being a better person is simply who I want to be 🙂

I am grateful to have the support of a few close people – friends and family who are there for me on my journey. What a blessing!


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