Improving Life – week 4

Good morning !!!

It’s a beautiful day today, although it snowed a few centimeters this morning after it had all recently melted!!

I’m loving this ‘Overhaul’ I’m on! I love that I made the choice to live a better life, and I’m constantly learning and growing because of it. I really love making conscious choices of ways I can improve my life.

I’ve successfully been off of dairy milk now for a few months. I drink mostly Almond Milk, although I do really like Rice Milk though.

I’m noticing more and more that ‘negative’ people seem to be less a part of my life, and I’m surrounding myself with more positive, forward thinkers. The more I change myself, the more my surrounding environment changes, and I’m really grateful for the positive changes 🙂

I’ve noticed that these ‘negative’ people seem to be displaced by new positive attitude, like when pepper in a bowl of water gets displaced by soap. Funny enough, I’m not a fan of pepper either 😉 haha

Have an amazing day!


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