Making Happiness a Habit

Very wise words from Elbert Hubbard.
I have a notepad on my fridge that has this quote on it. Every time I read it it inspires me.
This morning I look at my life, and what happiness means to me. I look at how I interact with other people, and how this affects my happiness. For me personally, my relationships with other people affect my happiness quite a bit. I’ve made a new friend recently. She’s a nice person, although she seems quite negative and pushy. This has affected me for a few weeks now and I finally see it. Having this relationship affect me has affected my relationships with other people as well – it’s a vicious circle.

How do your relationships with other people affect you? Comment and let me know. 
Have any of your noticed that technology affects relationships as well? When we communicate over text message or email (or anything similar), sometimes it’s really easy to misunderstand what the other person is saying, because the tone of voice is missing. Also we can’t hear a laugh through a text message, or an angry tone. So, sometimes meanings are misunderstood, and we react based on what we understand which isn’t always accurate. This reaction causes further issues, and the whole thing ends up being a miscommunication. How can you avoid this? Perhaps make you are very clear in your message, or just avoid the message all together and speak in person or over the phone.
How do you think this type of situation could be better handled?
One thing that I have done that has helped me make my day better is to be mindful, and aware of how I’m acting. Also, making a phrase, like a motto, that I can say to myself when I feel myself getting angry or sad has been helpful to pull me out of those situations. My motto is this:
“I’m going to have a peaceful and happy day.”
Here’s to having a good day.

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