Why Living With Less is Better

Is it just me, or are you overwhelmed sometimes with responsibility, or clutter and owning too much, or expectations from your career or boss?

This fall has been so busy for me, sometimes I’m amazed I can find time to sleep. Which is why I have decided to change the way my life is running me being run by me. It’s not fun when life seems to be in control of us, when it’s us that need to be in control of our lives.

I am writing today to discuss the importance of Living With Less. This really is something that can change your life in so, so many positive ways.

I am 16 days into my first month of my 90 day goal plan, and I have learned so much! First and foremost I would stress the importance of having very clear, specific and measurable goals. If we don’t know what it is that we want to achieve, it’s very difficult to break it down into achievable steps!

Owning too much means that our belongings control us and our time. Do you get annoyed having to move things around to clean, or reach other items stored behind something? What about not having enough free space because there is clutter in every corner, or on top of every surface? Owning less can change that! You will have less clutter in your mind too, or stress from your personal space being too full!

I am downsizing 60-70% of what I own! This seems like a lot, but bit by bit I see how I am reclaiming my freedom and “me time” by doing this. I am so excited to be finished this process. It is taking a bit longer than what I had expected however. Perhaps I am not being brutal enough. Having a lack of spare time has delayed this a bit, but if I can be finished in the next 14 days I will be happy!

I am so looking forward to the benefits:

  • Owning less means I’m spending less (And not wasting money on things I don’t need or use)
  • I will have more free space
  • I will own only my favorite things that I use all the time (getting rid of things I don’t use, that are taking up space)
  • Being surrounded by my favorite things will make me more happy (I can make my personal space beautiful!)
  • Less clutter will mean I have less stress, and less responsibility!
  • I will have more free time from having less responsibility!

These are all great reasons to make the effort to live with less, don’t you agree? I know it’s not an easy task, but the benefits far outweigh the temporary hassle of having to go through this process. Afterall, I’m working towards a better life, so the faster I get it done, the faster I can relax and be blissful in my beautiful new home 🙂

Share your transformation journey with me, and let me know what worked for you, and what didn’t 🙂 I’d love to hear from you!


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