12 Days of Pre-Christmas Detox


Have you ever thought about doing a Detox BEFORE Christmas Holidays?

I came across this  pre-Christmas Detox, and decided I am going for it. What could happen? I’ll get healthier. Bonus. Sure there’s going to be a little planning and work involved, but that will make the end result better.

Here’s a little bit about the Detox:

For those of you looking to head into the holidays stronger and healthier than ever we have composed a 12 Days of Detox Challenge!! This group will be running from December 1st to 12th, here we can all work together to keep it clean for the first 12 days of the month… before that Christmas food and drink come on in full strength. Please feel free to join us on our 12 days of detox! Enjoy 12 days of holiday themed smoothie recipes and 12 days of eating clean to prepare our bodies for the Christmas season!!


Prepare your body with this beautiful cleanse before the eating, drinking and festivities really kick in. “Have yourself a Merry Little Detox – 12 Days of Detox.”

The challenge consists of:

1 – Start your day with the cranberry detox drink (Ask me for details on joining the facebook group where you will find these documents)

2 – Follow the Healthy Living Rules (#HLR)

         -Eat Whole foods and embrace the *Secret weapon* of no gluten,                    dairy and limiting sugar to 30g daily, not including our Juice Plus+                    complete shakes (use MyFitnessPal app for accountability)

         -Drink 1/2 gal to 1 gal (2/3L) of water daily

         – Exercise 30-90 minutes most days of the week

         – Sleep minumum of 7-8 hrs recommended nightly

3 – Track your progress by taking body measurements and photos at the beginning and end of the 12 days

4 – Take the Juice Plus+ Capsule Trio daily and drink 1-2 Juice Plus+ Complete shakes per day (ask me how to order these)

  • Periscope Video Support
  • Seasonal Recipes


It’s ideal to eat your Juice Plus capsules and Juice Plus Complete daily and have plenty of healthy groceries on hand. Plan to eat a protein with each meal/snack and keep in mind you may have to eat more often than usual just keep it clean. For best results replace breakfast and dinner with a fully load smoothie (check the smoothie recipe booklet in the files) and have a large, high protein lunch. In the Facebook Group files you will find HLR Guidelines, Smoothie Recipes and some clean meal recipes. Good luck and please post and share your successes and challenges as often as possible. Have yourself a Merry Little Detox!!

There is a webinar before the Detox starts:


→ → The link is http://www.healthy-living-webinars.com ← ←

Fill out this form and let me know you are interested in joining this Detox, and I will send you more information!

Follow my Facebook page for updates!


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