Creating new Habits – My weekly test to see what works #week1 #HabitExchange

Good morning readers!

I am excited this week, because I am working on testing out some habits that I think could make my life more positive and healthy.

I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’ve been getting nightmares which I haven’t had for probably more than a year. This tells me that there’s some kind of stress, or unrest in my life, and now I’m looking for the cause.

For a few days now I’ve been eliminating dairy, coffee, junk food, and I’ve been sleeping 8.5-10 hours which is making me feel more rested, and not dizzy when I wake up!!! (such a relief!) I have also added taking Vitamin B, D, calcium and magnesium. My wrists and neck joints have been hurting since just before Christmas, I’m not enjoying that at all. I’m considering it could be stress ( I found my cat a new home, and am looking at re-homing my 2 horses as well), diet related, or perhaps not being fit. While I’m slim, I don’t exercise a lot, which hope to add into my routine as well.

This week I’m working on:

  1. Not having coffee, junk food, or dairy
  2. Sleeping by 9:30-10 pm and getting a minimum of 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep 
  3. Being early for work and appointments (time management and scheduling)
  4. Exercising more. I’ll aim for 3 days, but daily is the end goal
  5. Not watching tv, instead I will read 
  6. Wake up early, practice a morning wellness routine of stretch/meditation, morning pages journalling, tea, and walking my dogs if it’s warm out


I’m writing in my wellness journal daily, to document what’s working for me and what isn’t. I’m also writing to see how I feel with each of these changes, successes I have, and what I feel I need to work on etc.

I am really looking forward to seeing how I feel this week!



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