Change is sometimes for the best

Wowie, have I ever had a long few years to make a decision that could change my life in so many ways. For a decade now, I have owned horses. As any horse owner would know, this is not a cheap hobby. For someone like me though, who views their pets like family members, it’s an extremely difficult decision to decide to find them new homes.

I have recently decided to sell, and it was a big decision which took a very long time – I sat on the fence for so long, not being able to choose. I didn’t have the strength to sell them previously, even though I’ve debated it for years. I think back, to all of the time I could have been saving money, and spending my time doing other things……but on the other hand, I believe that when things are meant to be, the circumstances will be perfect. This is what happened to me this weekend. I was trying to find the perfect home, and I had talked to a lot of individuals and families all vying to get my attention so that they could be the new owners. I even had a family 99% lined up, and they sounded wonderful, but hadn’t yet met my horses. Then, because my horse was sore, I had to get him treatment from someone I knew.

The next morning, I received an offer from this person and their family to buy my horses, and let me stay in the picture for as long as I want. It really was the perfect solution to my dilemma, and so much more than I had hoped for, so I gladly accepted. It was then, when I saw that all of the pieces of the puzzle had fallen perfectly into place, that I knew that this was the right thing to do.

What is the moral of my story? Don’t give up hope. If there’s something that you want, but you’re scared to go for it, wait until it feels right, and the conditions are optimal – because then you will know if it’s the right choice or not 🙂 I’m happy I now know. I’m ready to take my life in a different direction and enjoy all that it has to offer!


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