5 ways Downsizing has improved my quality of life

Good afternoon readers!


As you may have read in some of my previous posts, I am undergoing a major downsize at home. There are many reasons why I am doing this. My efforts will be doubling tonight, and until it’s complete as I’m watching mother nature ravage Fort McMurray, Alberta with a severe wildfire. My heart goes out to the families and pets living in #ymm, as the fire has forced one of Alberta’s largest fire evacuations in history.

You may wonder why I am referencing the wildfire today as I write about downsizing. Let me tell you. Seeing these people lose their homes is devastating, and really eye opening. In a split second, at any time, we could lose absolutely everything we own, our lives, our loved ones, pets, homes etc. So, as I’m downsizing, I’m really thinking to myself, why keep so many belongings, if in a split second I could lose it all? There’s really no point. The things that truly matter are not possessions after all.

I will continue my downsize with fresh eyes, and as I do so, I’m preparing boxes of fresh, clean, sheets, towels, soaps etc. that I can donate to these people in need.

Last week I finished reading Marie Kondo’s book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It was a great book to read to get me over the last few bumps I felt were holding me back from letting go of my belongings.


Here are 5 ways Downsizing has helped me “Rightsize” my Life:

    • Without all the clutter on counters, in cupboards, closets, in and on furniture, I no longer have to move things around to clean!!!!!! Which means my home stays cleaner, gets cleaned more often, and takes me less time to look after! No more dusty corners and clutter covered surfaces! 🙂
    • I have more free time to spend doing what I want to do! Cooking, travelling, working on my business, focusing on health, building my relationship and friendships – all of these things can be priority now
    • I put things away where they belong when I get home or after I use them, and only take them out when they are needed
    • Less visual clutter helps eliminate mental stress and anxiety – I can’t get stressed about having too much stuff, if my belongings are minimal, and my home is clutter free
    • Instead of spending money shopping for things that will fill up my space and maybe not get used, I can now save it for things that matter most!
    • What if I had an emergency, but I spent my money on a new dress or movie – something I didn’t need – instead of saving for things that really matter?
    • I can live in a smaller space if I choose, which will cost less and require less maintenance (having less space also keeps you from buying more things!)
    • owning too much sometimes prevents us from owning what we truly want. Why buy 10 cheap pairs of shoes because you can’t afford the 1 nice pair you want? Spend your money on the few things that matter (good bed, a few nice outfits etc) vs spending less on more things that aren’t quality
    • When and if I need to move, the cost will be cheaper and the process simpler! No more lugging tons of heavy boxes and taking days to move!
    • When there is clutter everywhere, sometimes it can be hard to find things you need. A huge bonus of having just the right amount of stuff, is knowing where everything is!!!! Who needs to be searching for something amongst a pile of other things, when instead, you could just quickly reach for it, and then put it away when you are done? 🙂
    • Owning less means that everything you own has a home, somewhere it belongs. There’s nothing worse than having belongings spilling out from cupboards or closets because there isn’t enough space for them. All belongings need a home.
    • Letting go of the “extra”, or “just in case” items are a great way to cut the clutter
    • Going paperless has helped me cut down my paper pile, big time. Don’t forget to make a back up! A portable hard drive takes up much less space than that giant paper pile!
    • Owning a lot is stressful!
    • There is no more stress from tripping over things, or stressing where I will put something! What a relief!
    • I can put my feet up and relax because so many aspects of life are totally in control now – spending less, having more time, taking back control, planning my life the way I want to, having less to look after – the list of benefits is very long!
    • My health and happiness have improved as a result of my stress levels going down – I feel like I can breathe fully, without restriction
    • I have more time and energy to be creative and work on my projects!
    • I sleep better at night now having more peace of mind
    • I am no longer a slave to my possessions! Downsizing is like starting over with a clean slate. You can design the picture of your life any way you want 🙂
    • I feel lighter, leaner, totally organized and totally in control. Owning less is a complete relief
    • Downsizing can open the windows and let fresh air in to replace the stagnant air you may be inhaling. Going through the same routine with the same stressful amount of clutter leaves us locked in to a certain way of life. Downsizing can be like changing your furniture placement. It’s a great way to shake things up, refresh your life, get some fresh air and create new routines 🙂


There are so many reasons to make the leap and finally downsize your home. Are you struggling to get there like I was? Start by creating a vision of what you want your life and home to look like. Have a deadline of when you will complete this downsize by. But most importantly, have a PLAN! You need a plan of how you will tackle and complete this project.

Share your downsizing stories below, I’d love to hear them 🙂


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