Healthy Habit Challenge – Day 1

Are you up for a healthy habit challenge? 

For the next 13 days I’m giving up:

1) caffeine (coffee and tea)

2) junk food and added sugar

3) alcohol

4) dairy, eggs, meat (anything animal related)

and adding:

1) exercising 3-4 times per week

2) 1-2 extra litres of water per day

3) 8-9 guaranteed hours of sleep per night

4) 1/2 hour of relax/meditation daily

It’s time to reset my health and get back into shape. I’m exchanging 4 unhealthy habits for healthy ones in what I call my Habit Exchange for the next 13 days (you can exchange these for ones that fit your lifestyle).
Want to join me? Post below what healthy habit/s you want to work on!

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