Hello and Welcome to Rooted in Happiness!

 I’m Lindsay, and I’m thrilled that you stopped by my happiness haven!  

Take some time to relax and enjoy my heartfelt inspiration meant to ease your mind, give you inspiration & clarity, and promote life changing actions. If you’re excited to do some soul searching and look deep inside yourself, I’d be honored to guide you towards discovering your true passion and creating a life that you love – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Take my hand and let’s start your journey 🙂

ROOTED IN HAPPINESS is an opportunity for me to share my passion of health & wellness, living positively, mindfully, and intentionally with purpose. I believe that life can be wonderful all the time, and while negative things may happen to us, or around us, it’s how we deal with them that will determine whether we move forward in peace or unhappiness. Forming new, positive habits is key to living a better life! 🙂

ROOTED IN HAPPINESS is also a special refuge where you can go to escape the busy pace, overwhelm and stress of daily life. This is a place where you can go deep within, on a journey to transform your mind, heart and personal life whether you want to create new habits, change old ones, or make movement on your current challenges and goals.


I am a foodie, tea drinker, animal lover, blogger, eternal optimist, lover of life, new vegan, and a happy person. I love nature, water, wildlife, sunrises, sunsets and many other things. I am working on building two wonderful businesses in Juice Plus+ and Epicure Selections,  (See the “work with me” tab for more information)

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
~Albert Einstein

One day in 2013, after a number of years being unhappy and in unhealthy relationships, I decided that I needed a change and I wanted a better life for myself. Since that day, I have made it my mission to be grateful, positive, and conscious of the way I live my life. I strive to live a life full of health, happiness and joy, no matter what happens. I would rather smile and be grateful for the amazing things in my life, than be unhappy.

Since then, I have lost 63 pounds, learned how to overcome depression and anxiety, built some wonderful new friendships and strengthened the ones I have, changed my eating habits into healthy choices, worked on downsizing a lifetime of clutter and now live simply and minimally, and want to help others’ do the same!

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”
~Chinese Proverb

I am very conscious of what I’m putting into my mind and body. I am eliminating processed foods, dairy, meat and extra sugar from my diet. I can’t tell you the incredible improvements I’ve felt from doing this. I started taking Juice Plus+ capsules almost a year ago, and the health improvements I’ve noticed are priceless! I also use the nutrition shakes and bars as healthy snacks and meal replacements 🙂 YUM!

Taking the time to think before I act, or speak, benefits me in many ways. Focusing on happiness has changed my life. Every day I think of things I’m grateful for. I spend some time every day reading positive and inspirational blogs and pages that I follow. This has changed the vibrations and frequencies that I’m sending out, and has brought amazing people into my life as a result.

You become what you think about most.

 I am Rooted in Happiness. I think positively every day. It’s been an amazing transition, and each day I work to make it better and better. I hope that my thoughts and experiences will inspire you to live a better life as well. I would love to hear comments or suggestions on ways that I could improve even more.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you 🙂

With Love,



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