Why Living With Less is Better

Is it just me, or are you overwhelmed sometimes with responsibility, or clutter and owning too much, or expectations from your career or boss?

This fall has been so busy for me, sometimes I’m amazed I can find time to sleep. Which is why I have decided to change the way my life is running me being run by me. It’s not fun when life seems to be in control of us, when it’s us that need to be in control of our lives.

I am writing today to discuss the importance of Living With Less. This really is something that can change your life in so, so many positive ways.

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How learning to say “NO” changed my life and helped me learn self-care

I’m sure at some point most people want to say “NO” to certain people and situations. Haven’t we all? Saying no to the partner who doesn’t treat us right, or the boss who asks us to do something we don’t agree with, or the friend who lies to us and we still are friends with them.

I used to be that person who put up with these kinds of situations. The unhealthy relationships, the jerk bosses and the friends who don’t deserve to be in my life. It drained me. It sucked the life out of me, and I gave up on being happy about my future. It was depressing.

One day earlier this year I put my foot down, and started saying “NO” to these situations….and things started to turn around for me in a positive way.

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Setting Goals – Let’s Get Serious!

ambitionSeriously…..setting goals, and more so achieving them, can be daunting. I used to ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ as so many people like to do, but you know what? That doesn’t work when I have goals I want to achieve. I have been working on personal change and improvement for 2 years now, and setting future goals is something I wish I had paid a lot more attention to when I was young.

I want to reach goals such as:

  • Running a 5K race
  • Improving eating habits
  • Downsizing my home and creating a capsule wardrobe and living only with what I need
  • Building my Juice Plus+ business and helping to change the lives of others
  • Reclaiming my time and spending it on priorities first, then fun, etc.


How much of your personal journey do you share?

Good morning readers!

It is a beautiful and Introspective morning here. I look outside my window at a slightly overcast sky as I write to you. I am going through what I consider to be stressful thoughts, but I’m sure most of us go through them. I am on a journey of personal understanding and growth, and the further I go into this, I feel like it pulls me further away and isolates me from those I thought were my friends. Why? Let me explain.

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Remember, whenever you are sitting at home doing nothing, your competition is getting better.

How to be Happy

In a world where drama is celebrated more than compassion, how do you Stay Happy?

Some people will tell you it’s impossible. Those people are probably sitting at home with a bag of chips watching tv instead of working towards their goals.

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Making Happiness a Habit

Very wise words from Elbert Hubbard.
I have a notepad on my fridge that has this quote on it. Every time I read it it inspires me.
This morning I look at my life, and what happiness means to me. I look at how I interact with other people, and how this affects my happiness. For me personally, my relationships with other people affect my happiness quite a bit. I’ve made a new friend recently. She’s a nice person, although she seems quite negative and pushy. This has affected me for a few weeks now and I finally see it. Having this relationship affect me has affected my relationships with other people as well – it’s a vicious circle.

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Improving Life – week 4

Good morning !!!

It’s a beautiful day today, although it snowed a few centimeters this morning after it had all recently melted!!

I’m loving this ‘Overhaul’ I’m on! I love that I made the choice to live a better life, and I’m constantly learning and growing because of it. I really love making conscious choices of ways I can improve my life. Continue reading

Going Vegan – why do people judge?

I am going through what I think is a fabulous transition to become Vegan. Why? Because I support a better way of life for animals, and humans. There are many reasons why I think this is beneficial for me, and most importantly – I am trying to lead a better life.

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Improving Life – week 3

This week has flown by so fast!!! I have been extremely busy at work, so I feel like I have barely had any personal time to focus on myself. I was able to get a few relaxing baths in before going to bed, which helps me sleep better. I also have started reading a new novel, and I reconnected with friends I haven’t seen for a month. I’m really enjoying posting positive things and turning my life around. Continue reading