Improving Life – Week 2

What a great week! I love creating positive changes in my life. This week I bought my first vegan cheese. I tried Daiya cheddar and provolone style cheeses. The provolone was really good in a grilled cheese, and wow, does it ever melt a lot! The cheddar was good also, and I like the taste of it just out of the fridge, I haven’t tried melting this one yet. Continue reading

When good things happen

I have been feeling down lately because of my tailbone injury. I never imagined how much life could be different and how we take things for granted such as being able to comfortably sit down. Having to lay on my stomach all the time has gotten frustrating but its part of trying to heal. After 6 weeks i have gotten tired of it and really frustrated. I have been aware of some good things happening to me as if to say ‘don’t give up.’ Continue reading